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Accountant and Auditor

The numbers your firm generates are extremely important, and their accuracy is critical to your success. In addition to providing you with audit services and K-1 preparation for the fund’s partners/members, your accountants can help you review the initial documents drafted by your lawyer before they are finalized. In their review, they can offer advice on the tax implications associated with entity selection and manager compensation. Additionally, if you choose an accountant with hedge fund experience, the accountant should also be able to coordinate with your administrator, prime broker, and internal accountant.

The annual audit, which will be performed by your accountant. During the audit, your accountant will review your financial statements and the capital accounts of the investors (partners/members) of the fund. In this review, your accountant will be assessing the controls in place to ensure that accurate accounting, operations, and trading procedures are followed. As part of this process, your accountant will provide a statement of account to each of the investors, as well as conduct a review of the partnership agreement to determine the partnership percentages.

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